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If you need to meet with a doctor, you might think your only option is to schedule an in-person appointment at a specific location. However, thanks to telemedicine, it’s now possible to meet with a medical professional quickly, conveniently, and from the comfort of your own home. At Atlantic Health & Wellness Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, the team proudly offers telemedicine appointments and consultations. To request your appointment, call the office or click the online booking tool today.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a branch of health care that uses digital technologies, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, to provide health care services remotely and manage your well-being. Thanks to modern advances in science and electronics manufacturing, telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular, both in big cities and rural areas throughout the United States. 

What are the goals of telemedicine?

The goal of telemedicine is to provide easier access and more comprehensive health care services for people who might not receive it otherwise. In addition, telemedicine works to:

  • Make healthcare more accessible
  • Make accessing health services more convenient
  • Provide easy access to medical specialists
  • Improve communication between patients and doctors

In addition, telemedicine encourages patients to play a more active role in their well-being. New tools, such as smartphone apps, enable people to monitor their progress and check in with their medical providers more frequently. 

What happens during a telemedicine appointment?

A telemedicine appointment with Atlantic Health & Wellness Center is very similar to a traditional check-up. The only difference is that you can participate from anywhere, be it the comfort of your own home, your office at work, or from a hotel during a business trip. 

While telemedicine may present some limitations, such as being unable to conduct a physical examination, they can be very helpful for any follow-up visits you may need, or when crafting individualized treatment plans. For example, your Atlantic Health & Wellness Center provider can ask you questions about your symptoms, listen to your concerns, and develop a treatment plan that helps you feel better until you’re able to schedule an in-person appointment. 

The medical providers especially offer telemedicine visits for those seeking opioid addiction treatment and using their weight loss programs. Telemedicine follow-ups are convenient, affordable, and allow patients access to dedicated care from Atlantic Health & Wellness Center.

In addition, telemedicine appointments provide the opportunity to obtain new or updated prescriptions, receive advice on minor health problems—such as a sore throat or mild fever—and monitor your progress with various home treatments. Atlantic Health & Wellness Center knows that in-office visits aren’t always feasible, but telemedicine visits and follow-ups are a convenient, more affordable way of still delivering their dedicated care to their patients. 

If you lead a busy lifestyle that includes regular travel, or you live in a rural area without easy access to a medical facility, telemedicine is worth considering.

To learn more about this state-of-the-art medical care, call the office at Atlantic Health & Wellness Center or click the online booking tool to request your telemedicine consultation today.